Daycare facilities are also made available in Bumbl Bees. A boon for the working mothers. Look no further for your child’s creative needs. Bumbl Bees offers a one-of-a-kind, year-round afterschool program for your child, thoughtfully put together to stimulate development of the whole brain. It’s a structured 5-day/week, year-long program covering all aspects of development. There are specific timings for this kind of a facility and we are quite flexible and this facility is provided both on a monthly and per day basis. Since sufficient sleep is required by the children to have normal growth, we provide clean and comfortable beds with individual mattresses for each. But the overall length is restricted so as not to disturb the nocturnal sleep hours. Afternoon naps are encouraged to have energetic and cheerful evenings. Evening activities are planned and scheduled by the day care staff that cater to the needs of children which are fun-filled extra-curricular activities.